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GEA Held a Symposium on Geophysical Prospecting Techniques

Source:    Author:王峥    Add time:2019-07-13    Views:2150

On March 19, 2019, the GEA held a symposium on the exchange of geophysical prospecting techniques.

Jia Xuetian, former chief engineer of Jiangsu Geological and Mineral Exploration Bureau was invited to introduce the direction of geophysical and geochemical prospecting work in the new period of Jiangsu Geological and Mineral System, the existing practice and the application prospects of domestic geophysical and geochemical prospecting techniques. Based on the transformation and development ,improvement of quality and efficiency and other practical work of GEA, their’s exchange and discussion focused on the development and application of geophysical prospecting techniques in the field of engineering geophysic.

All of us actively interacted and widely exchanged at the meeting. Through this exchange and discussion, we thought that they had a more thorough understanding of the direction and prospects of geophysical and geochemical exploration work in the new period and broadened our thinking.

More than 30 people from relevant departments, the head persons of secondary units and professional and technical personnel attended the meeting. 



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